Hearing Protection: The Main Reasons for Non-Compliance

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Discomfort and over attenuation (damping) are two of the main factors that result in incorrect fitting and use of hearing protection, especially when using disposable foam ear plugs or earmuffs. ACS Pro filters provide a large open air passage into the ear so minimising occlusion (blocked up sensation) and keeping the ear ventilated for the ultimate in user comfort. 

Choosing the correct level of attenuation is vital. Over attenuation takes the user away from their environment, increasing the level of occlusion, making them detached. Over attenuation and non- linear attenuation is a risk especially in a work environment. ACS Pro filters are available in a range of fixed attenuation levels for different exposure levels ensuring that the correct level of noise is reduced. Our membrane technology in the acoustic filters ensures the user hears sound in a natural way and that speech can be heard. 

The revolutionary ACS Pro Series ear plugs are created with your hearing health in mind. They are used in a wide range of industries from mining to education, from motorsports to music. They enable you to work at safer volumes without making you feel isolated from your environment. 

Custom moulded to your ears, these professional hearing protectors are manufactured from soft, medical grade silicone. They are comfortable, discreet and are available in a range of colours and levels of attenuation to suit a wide range of ambient sound levels.

Pro series comparison curves
Pro series comparison curves chart

Australian and New Zealand noise at work legislation dictates that when the average 8 hour daily noise exposure exceeds 85dB hearing protection must be worn. Every time the sound level rises by 3dB, the safe listening time is halved. 

The chart below provides information showing approximately for how long and at what sound levels you can wear all the Pro Series hearing protection models safely. Pro Impulse also has protection against impulse sounds such as gunshot, explosions and sudden impact noise.

Pro series safe listening times

The ACS PRO Series are small and easy to carry. They can comfortably be worn with safety or prescription glasses, hard hats and other forms of PPE. The In-ear plugs do not break seal and are convenient for use in confined areas. Whereas earmuffs cause sweaty ears, canal moulds do not.

More comfort and less hassle attributes to better compliance with the PPE and Safety regulations.