Custom Hearing Protection for Motorbiking and Motorsports

Custom Hearing Protection for Motorbiking

About Pacific Ears and ACS

Pacific Ears (New Zealand) is an New Zealand based company dedicated to hearing conservation and the manufacture of custom-fit products for hearing protection and high quality audio. Pacific Ears is the sole license holder, manufacturer and supplier of the ACS Custom range in Australia.

The ACS PRO Series earplugs created a new era in level attenuating hearing protection. The PRO Series are vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding ear-plugs available.

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Noise in Motorsport

Measurements taken by the Occupational Health and Safety Authorities show that at a speed of only 80 km/h the sound level under the helmet is over 90 decibels. Safe levels are 85 decibels and under. 

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The Specialist in Soft Silicone Hearing Protection


Our Journey: The Specialist in Soft Silicone Hearing Protection For Industry Since 1994

Pacific Ears (ACS) Australia and New Zealand are companies dedicated to hearing conservation and  manufacturing of custom-fit products for hearing protection for Music, Industry, Aviation, Gun Sport, Military, Motor Sport and more.

ACS went on to develop its own range of hearing protection filters and recently introduced the PRO Series, which is now the industries go to hearing protection product and is worn by thousands of people the world over, extending beyond the music sector into industry, military and motorsport. 

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