From referee to media presenter there are several options in our range that suit your needs. 

Clear communication in combination with the best protection

Whether you are looking for a single sided communication solution or a full system, ACS has the perfect product for you. We have years of experience and know that each profession comes with its own set of requirements when it comes to communication devices. You can trust that your ears are protected and communication is crystal clear when you choose one of our products below.

For who

Security Guards


Several colour options
Interchangeable filter moulds
Custom Silicone Mould (canal or full shell)
1 Year warranty
Option for one side only


security guard

Security Guards

Our broadcaster canal plug has many options to personalise it so it suits you perfectly. If you are looking for a communication piece with a driver incorporated have a look at our Pro communicator. The Pro communicator can be fitted with all the different Pro filters to let as much or as little sound through as preferred.

  • Broadcaster
  • Pro Communicator

Our broadcaster earplugs can be made for one ear or both and in a solid mould or vented. It is even possible to have a Pro filter incorporated in the mould. 

The attenuating filters fitted to our earplugs reduce sound to safe levels, whilst minimising the occlusion effect with our vented design so the wearer can still hear safely, comfortably and clearly.

For loud environments there is an option to purchase a broadcaster mould for one ear and a Pro earplug for the other ear, that way ears are protected and communication is clear. The broadcaster comes with a generic elbow piece for easy connection to a coiled hose. There are options to purchase a coiled hose and or a coiled hose system with a 3.5 mm or 2.5 mm connector on our website. 

Mould options are:

– Solid (maximum ambient sound reduction)

– Vented/open for maximum ambient sound awareness

– Filtered for hearing protection in noisy environments like Music events, clubs, motorsport events etc.

– Canal shaped (recommended) or full shell.

If you are unsure what product to buy or need further product information before making your purchase, please contact Pacific Ears at

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Pro Communicator

Robust protection with a natural response and integrated high-fidelity speakers

The PRO Communicator offers the best of both worlds combining our flat response hearing protection with the same high-fidelity speakers as used in our Evoke In-Ear monitors. The PRO Communicator allows those working in noisy environments to stay in touch and in tune with their surroundings and also connect to monitoring and communications systems with confidence for crystal clear communications and highly accurate monitoring. The PRO Communicator gives you control of your sound environment and allows you to perform in complete comfort and safety using the most natural filters and speakers available.

Hear everything you need to and nothing you don’t

The PRO Communicator is a revolution in in-ear monitoring and communication solutions offering both hearing protection and audio playback of the highest fidelity. The PRO filter gives optimum protection in high-noise environments keeping all the frequencies you hear in perfect balance but at safe levels, using the latest filter design techniques it also keeps your own voice sounding perfectly natural, aiding communication. For audio playback the PRO Communicator uses the same highly accurate speaker that we use in our Evoke custom in-ear monitor giving you rich and detailed sound for both vocal communications and music monitoring making it perfect for all kinds of audio sources, finished with a 3.5mm stereo connector you’ll also have no trouble connecting it to whichever equipment you like. The PRO Communicator gives you the ability to work in confidence in the loudest of environments knowing that what you hear is precisely accurate whether it’s your audio feed or the sound in the world around you. 

The next generation of filter design

The PRO filter series has been designed anew with the wearer in mind. For starters, it’s smaller than many competing filters which means it can fit into smaller ears without any protrusion which is great for both comfort and aesthetics because it will always fit snugly underneath a helmet. The filters are also user-swappable so you can chop and change as your environment demands to any other filter in the PRO range giving you complete control over your protection with just a single set of earmoulds. In addition, the PRO series are water resistant so they can be used outside or in high moisture environments and can withstand perspiration without it damaging the filter membrane. 

The curse of the occlusion effect

Trying to create a natural sounding earplug is no mean feat as far as your own voice is concerned because, as you will have experienced, when you block off your ear canal your own voice starts to boom inside your head, this is what we call occlusion. Occlusion is caused by sound that is carried to your ear canal through the cartilage at the side of your head and usually escapes through the open ear canal so is not heard. When we block off the canal this sound cannot escape and so creates that booming effect. A large amount of occlusion can be eliminated by ensuring that the earplug sits deep enough into the ear canal to extend past the cartilage so that the sound hits the plug and is deadened rather than entering the canal at all but the PRO filters go one step further. The PRO series are vented to allow sound to pass both ways which means that remaining sound can escape directly through the filter providing one of the most natural sounding earplugs available.

Tailor made for you

The PRO Communicator is custom-made using soft medical-grade silicone so you get the very best in isolation and fit, allowing you to wear them for hours at a time without fatigue or discomfort. Each earpiece is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring you get a comfortable, discreet and effective hearing protector that can be fitted quickly, easily and securely every time.

Please note that the Pro communicator comes with ONE SET of filters only! 

It is also possible to make a one sided Pro Communicator: an option presenters often choose. 

If you are unsure what product to buy or need further product information before making your purchase, please contact Pacific Ears at

We will be happy to help.

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