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Enthusiastically recommended!

My ear plugs have been working wonderfully when practicing dentistry! I can’t thank Pacific Ears enough for all the help! - Akash

Fast, friendly and efficient service

Fantastic set of IEM’s that perform exactly as described. CRYSTAL(!!) clear sound quality across the spectrum. Fantastic noise isolation and perfect fit. - Nic

Pacific Ears far exceed my expectations

The plugs are comfortable and I can hear the radios clearer than I ever have. All the damaging noise levels are a lot quieter. - Matt

My Pro15 plugs fit perfectly!

Thank you so much for making this an easy process and being so quick in fulfilling the order. - Keira

Great service in a really difficult time

As a music teacher and violinist in orchestras I’ve been searching for a comfortable set of earplugs that don’t make me sound like I’m under water! These pro15 fit the bill - Michael

Customer service is impressive

Amazing sound quality and wearability (Pro series). Well worth the investment for anyone wearing ear protection for extended periods - Josh

Great service, fantastic in ears

A great company and product from the start right through to delivery. Hard to believe they are only a single monitor sound clarity and power are great comfortable fit and look cool too - Billy

You can't feel them when you wear them

The quality of the filters and comfort of the Pro earplugs are amazing. I often find myself checking to see if they've fallen out as they are so comfortable and they don't ruin sound quality - Aravinda



ACS Custom Australia and New Zealand are part of Pacific Ears which is the only manufacturer of (soft silicone) ear plugs with a class 3 and 5 Safety Certification. In fact, all our hearing protectors are tested and certified conform Australian (AS/NZS1270:2002) and/or European Standards (BS EN352-2) for classes 1 to 5 and/or SNR12, 15, 17, 20, 27 and 31 (attenuation levels in decibels).

At Pacific Ears, ACS Custom Australia and ACS Custom New Zealand, we are the industry leaders in Custom Hearing Protection, Communication Devices and In-Ear Monitors in Australia, New Zealand and the wider Pacific.

We specialise in offering the very best ear plugs in Australia and New Zealand, the highest quality custom in-ear (canal moulds) and full shell earplugs, earphones, communicators and In-Ear Monitors for a variety of Industries. The applications are many and varied but include the Food Industry, Mining, Power Stations, Saw Mills, Music, Aviation, Gun- and Motorsport, and also Sleep- and Swimplugs.

We, Pacific Ears, are the sole manufacturer and license holder of the entire ACS (Custom) range (Earplugs, In-Ear Monitors and Communication Solutions) and we are the Master Distributor of Etymotic (Custom) products in those areas.

Our equipment is state of the art and we source our supplies only from highly regarded businesses which ensures our earpieces are durable, comfortability, environmentally friendly and are conform to the highest safety and sound standards.

With labs in Australia and New Zealand you are assured your products are locally made and you receive the best old-fashioned styled local customer service.