Impression taking for made to fit hearing protection

So you have ordered a custom-made product through our website, what is the next step to get your hands on the best hearing protectors.

Once the order is in our system Pacific Ears will contact you with the details of a fitting point close by. We have a wide network.
You can make an appointment at a convenient time for you. The impression taking is done by a professional at an independent clinic.
The appointment will take about 15 minutes.

First the professional will check your ears to see if there are any irregularities. If everything looks fine, a small foam or cotton plug will be inserted in the ear.
Next is the impression material will be squeezed into your ears, this can feel a bit cold/ funny but is nothing to worry about. You can keep your jaw in a neutral position, no need for a bite block.
The silicone material is fluid when it enters your ear and will set quickly depending on the temperature etc in about 5-10 minutes.
The clinician will take out the ear impressions and send them to Pacific Ears. We will make your hearing protectors like Pro earplugs, custom sleeves, swim-plugs or sleep-plugs and send them to you.

Have a look at the YouTube video below: